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It is obvious that applying makeup for oily skin is quite tough. One of the main reason is the greasy effect of the skin. But there are a few steps that you need to follow to apply the finest makeup. Let us here discuss the tips to apply this!


What To Consider To Apply Makeup For Oily Skin

Here are the following tips to apply makeup for your oily skin. You need to consider this that all of these tips are decided an recommended by the professionals. So do not worry about side effects of any bad look.

1- You Need A Primer

For an oily skin, you need to layer the makeup, its more like layering the base makeup. So if you are using a moisturizer than you also need to have a primer. This is applied because it covers the pores of your skin.

2- You Need A Concealer

Well, this is so obvious! Most of the women have scars of acne and blemished covering the skin. And the only way out is to apply concealer. So when you go out to buy the concealer you can choose the one which provides sun protection.

3- You Need A Matte Foundation

In case of an oily skin, a matte foundation is a very important component of nicely put makeup. By the way, we recommend our readers to get themselves a three in one product. Having foundation, primer and a powder.

4- You Need Powder-cum-Cream

Since, we all know that the oily skin gives a certain disliking greasy appearance. And the only solution is to apply double coating. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a powder-cum-cream for your skin.




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